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Solo Show and Workshop Award

Keith Howard

(Rochester, NY)

Far Reaching Eve, Oil on canvas, 30"x102"

Keith Howard's oil paining on canvas entitled "Far Reaching Eve" is one of over one hundred paintings from the series "Womanizing Eve". He developed a unique international artisan workshop by collaborating with Chinese Master Painter Xiaming Lin to create this huge body of paintings. Keith works with a professional art school model, Michelle Long, to create the Eve narrative and then makes a 24" x 96" digital panoramic image within Adobe Photoshop. After many hours of image manipulation the panoramic images are transmitted electronically to Master Painter Lin where he makes a faithful oil painting copy. Master Lin works strictly in the Renaissance oil painting tradition, first working from pencil sketches, then to oil paint washes and finishing with multiple layers of oil paint that thicken between each layer until the painting is complete. The paintings takes several weeks to complete depending on the level of complexity. It is interesting to note that Peter Paul Rubens employed many artisans to paint a huge amount of his paintings. In fact an artist's success before the 20th century could be measured by how many artisans they employed.

Although there is a reference to the biblical theme of Eve in the Garden it is allegorical in nature. The nude figure of Eve is contemporary in its positioning and expression, representing Eve as a flesh and blood woman with a range of complex emotions. A stark contrast to a modern art world consumed by money brokers, gimmickry and the latest flavor of the month. These large format panoramic paintings warp and twist the visual plain thus presenting a new type of perspective called, "Pendulum Perspective", a term coined by R.I.T. Prof. Alan Singer. While Howard's paintings have been compared to the Pre-Raphaelites because of the attention to detail it does not share its ideology. While the Pre-Raphaelite movement was a direct reaction to the unstoppable onslaught of modernism, Howard's work is more paradoxical in nature, being distinctly original and occupying a unique place in contemporary art.

"Far Reaching Eve" represents a new painting ideology that employs a new collaborative paradigm, while presenting a unique visual perspective. It presents the subject of the female nude in a dignifying and empowering manner. Not the typical Renaissance depiction of Eve. This all culminates in masterful images of striking realism and originality that occupy a singular presence in 21 century contemporary art.

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