The Nude in the 21st Century

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Agata Augustine

Rita Bard

David Beale

Grace Benedict

Grace Benedict

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Jeff Black

Janet Bland

Jamina Bone

Louise Britton

Loiuse Britton

Liz Bruno

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Stephen Burt

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Gwen Manfrin

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Thomas Murray

Armin Muhsam

Lisa Qualls

Nick Reszetar

Suzanne Rothlisberger

Robert Schlegel

Charles Schweigert

Gregory Siler

Gregory Siler

Teri Starkweather

Tara Sweeney

David Terry

Noel Thomas

Penelope Treat

Edward Trover

Robert A. Weibel

Joseph Besch
(Portland, OR)
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Elona 2, Oil on linen on panel, 12"x9"

"Painting from life takes time, and it's difficult to paint an object as it changes through time. This struggle fascinates me. Painting from the figure is even more difficult. Through time spent together to capture a 'likeness' as well as capture the 'spirit' of someone, the artist and model both work to keep the painting from becoming too academic. It's a hard recipe to master, but when it works, it's the most rewarding."

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